Welcome to The House of Murdaugh: A storied, century-old legal and political dynasty in the South Carolina Lowcountry synonymous with wealth and power and gilded in Southern charm and mystique.

Then along came scion Alex Murdaugh, a smooth-talking, pill-popping lawyer-turned-con-man looking to cash in on the family’s connections, prestige, and generations of trust, while concealing his misdeeds by any means necessary. By 2023, what took a century to build was brought to ruin and disgrace amid scores of criminal charges and multiple homicides or wrongful deaths – including the brutal murders of Alex’s wife and younger son.

The Murdaugh crime saga has captured the attention of journalists, podcasters and writers around the English-speaking world, but only one storyteller actually lived and worked among them to know the Murdaugh clan as the talented, yet tortured and controversial characters they were.

Award-winning journalist and historian Michael M. DeWitt Jr. shares this historical, true-crime epic of the Murdaugh dynasty, a narrative that takes us from the fallen Confederacy to an internationally publicized, modern-day double-murder trial, and beyond as the search for answers and justice continues.

This is The Fall of the House of Murdaugh.

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