Parts of this book are based on my Good Morning Lowcountry columns that ran in the early part of the 21st century in The Post and Courier, the South’s oldest daily newspaper, founded in 1803. The rest is not-so-common knowledge.

Bin’yuhs (see Chapter 8) have been around here long enough to know much of this stuff already, although they do forget. Cum’yuhs (ibid) will find this information vital to their survival in the heat, on the streets, among the gators and gnats and at cocktail parties. People visiting from Off should first read Chapter 2 to find out what smells so, well, aromatic when the wind blows in off the marsh.

Here in the Lowcountry, where eccentricity is prized, we citizens don’t hide our crazy people in the attic. We put them right out there on the front porch where everybody can see them, and sometimes they do wander off. This little book is like that, too. So take your time and please enjoy!

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