Theodosia Burr Alston was born the daughter of political figure Aaron Burr when the United States was in its infancy. She was a prodigious child, living a privileged life in Manhattan during a captivating period in U.S. history, and acquiring, at her father’s insistence, "a most perfect education."

As the young country wrestled with conflict and strife, Theodosia’s life often seemed to mirror its turbulence. Her unexpected marriage startled the political world. Her struggle to adjust to the difficult and unaccustomed responsibilities as mistress of a rice plantation in South Carolina was monumental. She was the centerpiece in the lives of two very powerful men, which resulted in a painful stretch of her loyalties and caused her great inner turmoil and pain.

Theodosia’s story is fascinating in its complexity. An impressive woman in her own right, she was destined for greatness through her personal and political connections. The unexpected conclusion of Theodosia’s story will inspire readers to learn more about this intriguing woman.

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