Grayson Devoe is plagued by ghosts. He’s a treasure diver from Folly Beach, South Carolina, a honky-tonk town that lives up to its name. The wreck of a Spanish ship lies somewhere just beyond the breakers, and Grayson aims to find it.  But his business partner has other ideas and sends Carmela Morales, a beautiful young cutthroat, to make sure Grayson follows orders.

But once a body washes ashore, ghosts are the least of Grayson’s worries.

Then there is the Black Madonna, Tanisha Roundtree, Grayson’s cook, who is ready to bear “The Chosen One.” She prays for Grayson in church, consorts with the voodoo man, and ultimately holds his life in her hands.

Blow the Man Down sings like a power line in a gale, in a perfect storm of drugs, deception, delusion and danger, love, lust, loss, and redemption.

But meanwhile, cocaine is coming ashore and the bullets are about to fly.

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