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Take a journey through Charleston history with a little Christmas ornament who wants some wings of her own.

It’s 1882 in the Holy City of Charleston, where a beloved handmade Christmas angel named Engel has been safely stored year after year in the attic of the prominent Witte family. When a modern factory-made angel with feathered wings assumes her role at the top of the tree, Engel fears irrelevance and makes a wish for real wings. Through an ironic twist of fate, the little ornament is unwittingly discarded into Charleston harbor. During her year-long journey home, Engel encounters a delightful and sometimes terrifying cast of Lowcountry wildlife creatures inspired by local historical figures. Mentored by the likes of Francis Marion, Eliza Pinckney, and Quash Stevens, the little angel will learn to survive “according to nature” by identifying her strengths and eliminating her fears with empathy and courage. But it will take trying to save a nest of baby sea turtles during a hurricane for Engel to find her higher purpose and reveal the secret of the wings.

Written and illustrated by Cindy Andrews

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